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Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrant System

WHAT IS HYDRANT : An upright water pipe, open in a street, Building or Industry with a nozzle to which a fire hose can be attached. Large quantity of water require for quenching major fires in the affected area, Easy accessibility in the shortest possible time is of paramount importance in controlling and putting out these fires. Fire hydrant System is designed to serve these requirements.

We design Hydrant System as Per Local Standard, NFPA, NBC, IBC & IS standards, We are also into International Fire Fighting system designs.

Main components of a well designed hydrant system are as follows :

(a)    Fire Water Reservoir / Tank

(b)   Main Pumps

(c)    Jockey Pump

(d)   Ring Mains

(e)   Single Hydrants

(f)     Double hydrant

(g)    Riser Mains

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